Court Accompaniment may very well be the difference between winning and losing during a court case over a flooring dispute. As an unbiased entity we are able to provide our expert opinions to the court regarding the flooring at hand. Our inspectors will draw on many years of  experience in order to provide the most honest and effective testimony possible. All of which will only help to further your case, as long as your are in the  right of course.

Having one of our Flooring Inspectors with you in court and able to testify as an expert witness will allow the evidence to speak for itself.

If you have purchased our services through the Diamond Packagethen Court Accompaniment comes as standard, should the need arise. However  if you are a Silver orGold Package customer an additional fee will be charged for this service. Prices vary depending upon the nature of your case, we  will be unable to provide this service if fair notice is not given. Contact us for more details.



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